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Branding   /   2022

Misinformation is more prominent than ever. In the wake of Brexit, immigration and statistics surrounding asylum seekers have become hot topics across the UK. The Number Crisis aims to target this, by challenging widely accepted prejudices whilst bringing stories of genuine asylum seekers into the spotlight.

Initially aiming to address the ‘statistical numbing’ around such a polarising topic, our narrative is underpinned by the binary code – a universal language that can be interpreted worldwide. It aims to highlight how society fails to recognise these people as individuals.

Working to a D&AD New Blood brief, we were challenged to demonstrate how typography has the power to make words matter. Developing a typographically-led campaign using Google’s font family, Noto, a typeface with numerous styles to support over a thousand languages. As a group we tried to tackle the challenge of societal prejudice by delivering what people might expect to see at face value – just a number, only to then turn that thought on its head by revealing the identity and person behind the ‘number’. We also aimed to highlight the widespread misinformation around these topics, leading to a generalised negative opinion of the the terms ‘immigrant’ or ‘asylum seeker’. The Number Crisis looks to challenge this by telling the stories of mothers, daughters, sons, fathers – everyday people who are trying to live their lives like you or I.


Graphic Designer, Art Director, Photographer


In Collaboration with Niamh Curran, Sydney Merritt & Arif Miah


Art direction / typography / layout / logo design / motion / web design


Set by D&AD (New Blood 2022) alongside Google & HMCT

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